Improve Indoor Air Quality with Design


I have had a few people complain to me about the indoor air quality in their homes. Most do not mention it, because the awareness that this is a major reason for many health problems simply does not exist.

Who would think that their child’s lack of focus could be improved with interior design? Or that those ongoing sinus problems are due to the overwhelming amount of plastic products and VOC’s offgassing into our homes? We spend 90% of our time indoors, that time should be spent free of toxins and lack of ventilation.

At Waldron Designs, we focus on specifying products that will improve your health and well-being. Hard-surface flooring is always our preference to prevent the build up of toxins that takes place in carpet. Did you know that carpet acts as a toxic sponge, soaking in all the toxins emitted in our homes and re-circulating them into our air with every step we take? If carpet is an absolute must, take a look at antimicrobial, natural products such as wool and sisal.

We specify low-voc paints, formaldehyde free cabinetry, and do not specify products with the California Proposition 65 warning for interior spaces. We highly recommend engineered hardwood floors so that the cutting of the wood, staining, and sealing are done off-site and the harmful chemicals are not brought into the home. We specify natural wool insulation around doors and windows to allow the wool to filter harmful toxins (wool bonds with harmful chemicals allowing it to work like a filter). We have a BuildingGreen membership that allows us to review products before specifying them for toxicity levels.

This is your home, it should not be a toxic waste site. Let’s work together to bring healthy finishes into your space!