One-Time Interior Design Consultations

Rachel Waldron meeting with a client to review color selections in 2013! Time sure flies!

Rachel Waldron meeting with a client to review color selections in 2013! Time sure flies!

When looking at our services, one may think that there is no fit for what they need. However, our services are extremely flexible and developed to meet your needs. Our one-time design consultations, for example, may be used in many different ways!

Confirmation of Choices Made

When developing your own ideas and are ready to put them into action, sometimes having a professional step in and confirm the decisions made are truly going to work in the space. Often times during these meetings we thumbs up most of the ideas we hear, and offer a few alternative ideas that may not have been considered. It’s a great way to really feel confident about your choices.

This could be a review of the finishes and fixtures you have selected (please make sure all selections are available at the meeting), a review of sketches and drawings you or your contractor have done, or simply a walk through and “chat it out” exercise.

Color Consultation

Most color consultations can happen within the 2-hour time frame we have set aside, and within 3 business days of our meeting, you will have a complete spreadsheet that outlines the color of choice, where it is to be applied, and the sheen. On simple projects, we may leave behind a swatch with the location and sheen hand-written on the back of the swatch. Easy peezy! On more complex projects, we may need photographs to coordinate with the spreadsheet and additional time to review selections in different light and over time.

Second Opinion*

I often recommend clients on a tight budget to utilize the designer services that retail offers. With kitchen design offered free from box stores and retail selections and layout from a furniture retailer, sometimes you are working with a degreed design professional where others, it is simply a salesperson using the title of designer. Bringing those selections and layouts to us for a “redline” service and review can give the assurance that the design has been run by a degreed design professional.

*We will not review full-service designs completed by other professional designers. It is pertinent that you trust your designer. Designers develope their decisions through a process that includes understanding your needs, something that can’t be edited without all the background information.

Preface to Full Service Design

We actually require a no-commitment one-time consultation before moving forward with full design services. This allows us to see the space in person, discuss ideas and direction, and determine further whether what is wanted is feasible with the timeline and budget provided. We may or may not provide ideas during this meeting because it may be more of an intake meeting than a design meeting. This is our time to learn more about you, your goals, and your style. This is also the time that we determine what consultants will be needed for your project, and finalize the design scope before presenting our design fee for the scope requested.