An Interior Designer's Mission

Inspirational quotes are like motivational speakers, full of talk… actions speak louder than words.

Inspirational quotes are like motivational speakers, full of talk… actions speak louder than words.

In everything we do and are passionate about, we have “aha moments”. I have had these moments in parenting, in relationships, in my work, and in my business. Today, I had one of these moments as I reviewed the posts in a group that I had been encouraged to join so that I could share my BIG message in a BIG way. Sigh.. an inspirational quote followed by an ad, followed by the groundbreaking discovery that is not so groundbreaking. I turned on my marketing brain from my schooling and put out a question to the group that went something like this,

“This is big? This is the message? How are you going to change the world with this? What is it that is so beautiful and magnificent that it drives your every being to do what you do?”

Then it hit me. I was not communicating my big message. So, in a roundabout way, this group did give me what I was looking for. I needed to better communicate my goals and passions. My mission statement is not a mission, assigned by some marketing covert secret agent, it is my passion. I sat down and looked at a blank screen (I try not to write on paper anymore but on my screen) and I started to write with the question, “What is my PASSION statement?” While it is not as magically worded as my covert mission statement, it comes from the heart.

We are driven to create high-quality designs, preserving nature and life through client collaboration. This love for what we do happens with passion, honesty, and integrity.

Aha! This is why I started what I do. This is what brings me to the office every day and encourages me to challenge the norms and what is passively accepted because it is “easy” or “inexpensive”. I do this because I love children. I love nature. I want to do what is right and good. I want to change the world and make it a better place, even in what is traditionally seen as a shallow career focused solely on ‘making things pretty’. Of course, it is pretty! Beauty inspires us!

I want to inspire others to see the beauty in sustainability and preservation of nature and life, and I want to do it collaboratively because being involved invigorates others and drives their passion. Very much like the smile that travels the world, or the good deed that is paid forward making the world a better place. I hope that my passion is a contagion that spreads. Let’s work together to create a world where our children can breathe without concern, where landfills are not overpowering the beauty of this planet.


Breathe. Breathe in the air. Don’t be afraid to care.
-Pink Floyd