Interior Design for Resale

It is not unusual for a homeowner to reach out to a designer when looking to dress their home up for resale purposes. Sometimes, a nicer space is desired, but with a five year or less projection of living in the home. While it seems like a great idea to upgrade a home and increase its value, the truth is staging is a quick fix for the general public where design is a longterm, personalized solution. “Designed to Sell” is a bit of a misnomer because fixes for selling do not require the high-end costs of a degreed professional.

“They just don’t build them like they used to”

Even more common than requesting a designer help with the quick fixes is the constant consideration fo resale value. Society has developed a new trend: buy, sell, buy, sell. Because homes increase in value, it allows us to constantly upgrade. But, what if we allowed our homes to increase in value, paid off the loans, and used that value increase to maintain and improve the value even more? What if we bought homes once, then passed them on through generations? Or, what if we at least bought homes with the intention of staying for 20 years at a minimum, 30 years on average? Now that would be good for resale.

Every time a client says, “but I need to keep a bathtub for resale”, I wince inside a little bit. Of course, we want to benefit from our homes, but if we are putting heart and soul into a home to make it customized and tailored for the current owner (which is what design truly is), then resale should not be a problem nor a consideration. Why put all that into something that will be sold soon?

Design for longevity.

I chose this job because I want to built environments to create joy. I want my homeowners to feel bliss in their spaces. I want waking up, preparing a meal, dining, socializing, relaxing, and getting back in bed at night to all be a unique and personal experience influenced by gorgeous and healthy surroundings. I can’t do that if we are worrying about what the next person will think.

Design for you.

It is time to employ a designer when you are ready to do something so positive that you will never want to leave it. So, the next time you look at your home, don’t think of the next home you’ll own. Think of how to make this home forever.