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We Are Here for You… Even When We Aren’t!

I love talking to all people with home projects, but sometimes those projects are not the right projects for me. It took me a few years to come to the realization that sometimes the best way I can help a potential client is to steer them elsewhere. So many times, I have seen scenarios that were either going to result in disaster or where my services were unnecessary. I am always happy to talk to these people and help them find the right consultant!

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Furniture: Retail or Designer?

One of the challenges in working with furniture as a designer is that my policy is to give my clients the absolute best their money can buy. Sometimes, retail is the best match, sometimes designer, and sometimes a little of each. So, when does one make sense over the other, and what is the difference? Let’s break it down:

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The Truth Behind the Houzz Awards

Anyone who gets reviews in a year on Houzz automatically gets a customer service award. That’s it. Not only that, but Houzz treats people, particularly designers very poorly. Those badges they give us as an “award” actually pulls internet traffic away from our websites and to theirs instead. It is filled with code that directs consumers to them, where they take rights to photography without consent, and use designers’ work to tell their cheap knock offs. Read more…

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This Valentine's Day... Make it About You

In a time of empowerment and understanding of self-worth, use this day to shower yourself with love! You deserve a beautiful, sustainable, functional home. I also know that realistically we can’t always gut and remodel our homes (most of the projects I work on), but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a little kush.

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Northwest Contemporary going Modern

We have cherry (?) in the kitchen, fir trimming the doors and windows, bamboo flooring, AND knotty pine on the vaulted ceilings upstairs and basement ceilings downstairs. Without replacing major elements, and painting out a bunch of gorgeous woodwork, how do we make all these different finishes work together?

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Bamboo is Not Dead

Bamboo was a huge sustainable trend in the 90’s. It has a naturally modern look, is a rapidly renewable resource, and does not require masses of pesticides and labor to produce. This makes it kind of a no-brainer. The problme with huge trends is that they have huge collapses, regardless of how much sense they make. So, sometimes, we just need to look at bamboo in a different way.

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General Contractor Red Flags

When working with a designer and a general contractor, it is important that they work well together. How does an owner ensure this if the pair have never worked together before?

I LOVE General Contractors. I have many that I work with happily and truly enjoy every interaction. I can name at least three that I talk to regularly just to catch up and talk about work. Most contractors I work very well with and am very impressed by their knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

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West Seattle Townhome

I confess that I questioned for a minute whether the first email I received from this client was a scam… so polite and so full of relevent information, too good to be true. It turns out, this was a very real and very good client! I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him. When he described his favorite things as Halloween, the ocean, and autumn, I knew we were a good fit.

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