We Are Here for You… Even When We Aren’t!

I love talking to all people with home projects, but sometimes those projects are not the right projects for me. It took me a few years to come to the realization that sometimes the best way I can help a potential client is to steer them elsewhere. So many times, I have seen scenarios that were either going to result in disaster or where my services were unnecessary. I am always happy to talk to these people and help them find the right consultant!

When someone walks through my door, they are typically (not always) lost. They don’t know who to talk to, who should be involved, how much it costs, or how to get this information. So, in order to help a bit, here are some of the scenarios I have encountered that I either steered in the right direction, or took on and probably should not have (lesson learned):

1. I know exactly what I want. I just need you to draft it up and get it permit-ready.

This person should be looking for a draftsperson. There may be some architects in the field who are not licensed and are happy to do this work as well. I am a designer, and chose this career path because I love to design! I am happy to look over drafted work on a consulting basis as a second set of eyes to offer design advice. If the vast majority of decisions are made, however, I may not be the best choice.

2. I am on a tight budget and am just looking for a concept.

Click here to learn more about “concept services”

Click here to learn more about “concept services”

Sometimes this is okay, but it’s a rarity. It works for the DIY-er and that’s about it. You see, a concept does not allow me the time to think about the details, so it is just a vision that I am illustrating. As soon as I am asked “what was your thought on this corner”, expect to hear “I don’t know”. In fact, this one has it’s own blog post!

There often is no right direction for this type of project, unfortunately. I can steer you in the direction of an undertrained designer, but well… you get what you pay for.

3. I want to change everything in my home, but am on a tight budget and can really only do one consultation.

This is a recipe for disaster. A full home cannot be designed in 2 hours. In fact, one room cannot be designed in 2 hours. You know what MAYBE can happen in 2 hours? A color consultation… for the whole home only if we’re talking about a very simple color scheme (ie. same colors throughout for the most part).

4. My home is cluttered and disorganized.

You need an organizer! I am happy to refer you to a wonderful organizer and have two great local sources. Neither source is currently marketing themselves, so referrals are made on a case by case basis.

5. The Chi just isn’t right in my bedroom.

I am not a spiritual designer, but support your interest in this type of design. I have two consultants I use for this, and if we are doing a larger project, I will include them on our project. For those excluslively looking for advice on energy, crystals, Feng Shui, etc. I am happy to steer you in the right direction.

6. I want to prepare my home for sale.

A home stager is your best bet here. We have a few excellent stagers on the island and I recommend them highly! I do not recommend doing any major remodel work if you are looking to sell. You will not recoup your money and the buyer is stuck with something they would not have chosen.

7. I am not willing to invest in my space- just need quick cheap fixes.

Click the image to read our blog on quality design

Click the image to read our blog on quality design

For this I would recommend the “free” designers that can be found at box stores, furniture stores, and the like. I will happily guide you in the right direction for your project type. I do not recommend quick, cheap fixes. I highly recommend saving until it can be done right. I know that many of us are on tight budgets (says the cobbler with no shoes), but a quick fix will simply cost more in the long run. Sometimes it is best to live with imperfect until minimal perfection can be achieved. Another blog post on this here.

8. I just need your stamp.

We do not stamp drawings. While Sean is an architect, he works part-time moonlighting for me and would not stamp something that he was not fully involved in the design of. Interior Designers do not provide stamps. If your project is under 4,000 sf, it does not need an architect’s stamp. You may need an engineer’s stamp, and again- I am happy to share a source for this.

9. I am looking for Design-Build Services.

This is a long-term goal of ours, but at this point we are not General Contractors. We do not provide labor services, only design services.

10. I need help rearranging my furniture.

I am happy to draw out the new arrangement for you, but Waldron Designs does not employ labor staff. It will be up to you to find labor. I suggest local high schoolers or a moving company.

Read more about furniture selections and working with a designer!

Read more about furniture selections and working with a designer!

11. I need help picking furniture.

We do this! But, it is important to note how we do this. We sell designer furnishings that are available only to the trade. We work with select retailers starting with a concept and working with them through order placement. We can provide a conceptual rendering of your space with images from the internet that represent the general aesthetic we recommend. It is up to you to take this shopping or use it to shop online. We are unavailable to shop with you or scour consignment/thrift stores for ‘finds’. Trust me, it is not cost savvy to utilize our design fees in this manner. What we can do in regards to vintage finds is to utilize our sources and connections to hold items for you or direct them to you. Typically a vintage find is something that needs to be acted on now which does not typically work with the way designs come together.

What are you looking for? Let us know if we can help you not hire us!