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This Valentine's Day... Make it About You


When you read my blog posts, you are supporting my business, and for that I love you. No, really… I looooove you. Something that is very important to me that my clients have for themselves is self-love.

You deserve a beautiful, sustainable, functional home. I also know that realistically we can’t always gut and remodel our homes (most of the projects I work on), but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a little kush. SOOOO… because I luuuurve you, I want you to take a few minutes this year and pamper yourself for Valentine’s Day with my top 5 tips for a space that feels positively loving.

1- Clean up

I know. It’s not super exciting, but I’m telling you- a clean space feels soooo good. Maybe this is the year you finally get someone to come in for you and do a real thorough cleaning. But before you even do the scrubbing, start by organizing and clearing out all that crud that has piled up in corners and on counters. Need help? Bring in a professional organizer- you wouldn’t believe the wonder of help they can provide!! Islanders- we do have a few amazing professional organizers on the island, and while they are not actively marketing themselves, I would be happy to put you in contact!

2- Pillow up

Funny story- every designer will tell you “The public thinks I’m a pillow fluffer!” Truly, our training is much more technical in nature. That said, I love a good pillow. I’m telling you, nothing feels and looks kush like a plethora of pillows. I am of the belief that there is no such thing as too many pillows. Too many pillows on te bed? Maybe for sleeping, yes- but plop down in the day hours to read a good book surrounded by that fluff and tell me there are too many! Floor pillows, throw pillows, big sleeping pillows, even body pillows! I just adore pillows.

3- Create Ambiance

What is not to love about candles? The smell, the flicker, the warmth, and the flattering light create an ambiance that can’t be matched on a chilly day. I often light candles at dusk in my home and keep them lit until night. Lighting should happen on a minimum of two levels (general lighting and task lighting). I feel that four is ideal though: Ceiling mounted/recessed, Pendant, Floor and table lamps, and candle light/ambient light. Of course, add the special task lighting in kitchen and bath as well!

While we’re dimming light- I can’t recommend highly enough updating all your light switches to dimmer switches.

4- Flower Up

This may seem like a no brainer, but really… when was the last time you got flowers for yourself? I firmly believe that plants can create warmth in a space like nothing else can. Sterile and cold space? Add the warmth and life of plants! Black thumb? Go faux! There are plenty of great faux options to be found second-hand (be careful of the overly elaborate obvious fauxs, go simple!). Or, contact me if you are looking for a custom-made silk of the highest quality. In the meantime, stop by your local florists for a beautiful live bouquet. Herban Bloom here on the island creates stunning bouquets (and they deliver!!).

5- Update the Bedding

There’s nothing quite like climbing into fresh bedding. I am a fan of white because they can easily be bleached and they brighten up the space, creating a fresh feeling.

While it’s always nice to do something for our spouses, sometimes we need to make sure to remember ourselves. So, rather than sitting around waiting for flowers and romance, get out there and romanticize yourself!