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Waldron Designs News- February

So much has happened in the last month! So much that... well, I'm about a week behind getting this newsletter out.

I've had a deadline that I've been crunching on to get the final documents complete as the homeowner rips into the house and pulls it apart! The final presentation is today, so I'm feeling a huge weight off my shoulders, and am at the same time very excited to see this home come together. On top of that, my new space... well, it didn't work out. I discovered an open shared space is a fun idea, but not if your clients see and hear the other spaces first and these things are encroaching on your own space. So... moving right along, Waldron Designs found a space much more suiting to our needs in the Vashon Landing Building. It's a very different space, not quite the edge, but so much class, and we look forward to making our space our own:

Design Freedom

My new pink 'do

My new pink 'do

Yesterday, I went to get a hair cut and color. I love my stylist. She is not only an amazing friend, but incredibly talented and not afraid to get really edgy with my hair (how many times have you told your stylist "edgy" and walked out looking "soccer mom"?). You know what my favorite thing about her is though? I can tell her to do what she wants to do with my hair, and I trust her. She is an artist, and allowing her the freedom to do what she knows is right for my face, my personality, and my skin tone has always given me such confidence when leaving her space. I know that she will only ever choose what is best for me and what suits my style.  

Clearly, pink hair isn't for everyone, and she knows this. She also knows that this is absolutely and completely me, and I left feeling edgy and comfortable in my skin (or hair, rather).

After my hair appointment, I dashed off to get a tattoo (it was a pamper me day). I asked my tattoo artist what was the best next move in my 1/4 sleeve process and told him about the equal sign I wanted on my wrist. Now, with a tattoo... I'm not one to give complete freedom to do whatever he wants (just like you shouldn't be with your home. But, I ask him, "do you think the equal sign should be solid? What about placement? How about size?" His placement wasn't at all what I had envisioned and I was thrilled! And, just for fun... my new tats:

goonies tattoo
Equality Tattoo

What is my point? Well, if you go to a designer- any type of designer and dictate every detail, sure you're getting what you want, but you aren't getting a design. You are not utilizing the designer to the best of their skillset. I am happy to serve as a "second set of eyes" or a consultant. But, to this day, I've only had a few clients truly utilize my design skills. Guess what? One of them won an award! 

Moral of the story... trust me, as your designer <3