Why buy Designer Furnishings through the Trade?

We're in the new space!

We're in the new space!

It happened again- I got behind. Apologies for the late newsletter... things have just been bustling over here! I am so excited to announce that we are in our new space in the Vashon Landing Building. The past month here has been bliss. We love having visitors stop by so that we can show off the gorgeous space! Because we're so excited to show off- we decided to start hosting First Fridays! 

For those of you who are not on Vashon or who are new to the island, First Friday is an event where retail spaces and art galleries showcase local artist's work. The work is up for one month, but First Friday is the grand showing with goodies and often times live music. 


Waldron Designs is thrilled to have two spectacular artists featured for April. Catie Bergman is a photographer who brings such vivid color and surrealism to her photography that it's hard to look away. Allison Trundle is an extremely talented painter whose works may be seen in galleries across the country. We are honored to have both of these amazing artists grace our studio with their work. The work will be available for purchase, so come take a look and see what suits your fancy!

It doesn't stop at amazing art though! We'll be offering refreshments and while you nibble and view these great works, enjoy live guitar music from a local musician!

We are treating this event as an open house as well, and look forward to seeing our dear friends, clients, and colleagues here!

Why shouldn't I just get furniture retail?

You should. No... I mean that. If you think that retail will serve your needs, by all means, shop retail! If you'd like design services for those retail products, I highly recommend using the in-house designers. They often offer services at no additional charge and they know their product. I can provide retail shopping suggestions, but this is not my specialty, and I think your money can be best spent elsewhere.

Blown away by my response? I try to be as honest and transparent in how I work as I can be.

So, now I'll tell you why you should shop "to-the-trade" merchandise. First, I'm going to be blatantly honest with you again. It costs more. Shipping costs are high. It takes more time. BUT, you are getting an entirely unique piece. You see, this is why you shop to the trade merchandise. In fact, this is why you utilize a designer for any project rather than a kitchen designer, or a retail in-house designer. See... it's a completely different service. It's a service that provides you with CUSTOM spaces. Even the few manufacturers that sell merchandise as-is... well, you're unlikely to find these pieces on Amazon (I'm not saying it won't happen). If you DO find them on Amazon, you'll probably get a better deal from your designer IF you are a design client. We sell retail at list to the public.

Often times, when we shop retail, we are sold a piece and told that it's 100% custom, that you can even do COM (Customer's Own Material) and choose your finish. This is how nearly every piece is when designed to the trade and it adds a few notches of quality to the bill. So, you've got a piece where you specify the fabric, the wood finish, the coordinating fabric, whether it has nailhead trim, buttons, etc. It takes time to design each piece and make sure we have a proper fit with the other pieces being selected. A whole home of custom furnishings... that's a LOT of work. 

So, what if you want a totally unique look, but don't have $100,000 to spend on design and furniture? Try purchasing one focal piece for each room. Prioritize your spaces and determine which pieces should be highly customized. 

Want your home to look like a Pottery Barn catalog? Go to Pottery Barn. Want your home to look like something no one has ever seen? Come talk to me!