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Waldron Designs is in the process of moving and preparing our new space so that you can come in! Our design studio is located at 17630 Vashon Hwy SW behind Giraffe in town. It's a sneaky little spot behind an artist's studio. In fact, when you enter, it is right into the artist's studio. Move straight past the studio and you will find us! We're designing college-style right now with two desks and a printer and our samples on the floor as we await the construction of our materials library and the arrival of our new furniture. The studio will be more guest-friendly in January, and has several more improvements planned, but you are more than welcome to stop in and visit. Keep in mind that we work about half of our time on the job site, so it is recommended that you check in with us or make an appointment first.

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I went to a meeting with a group of interior designers recently and we each described what we do. We had about 10 designers there, and in a nutshell, it sounded a bit like this, 

"I offer design services where I provide drawings then send off the homeowner with the contractor. They take it from there."

"I offer complete concierge services from dirt to coaster."

"I work with homeowners to select retail items for their interior spaces so that they can take the design and move on with it on their own. They implement everything."

"I prefer the one-time on-site consultations"

"Most of my work is remodel/new construction. I provide drawings and specifications to the homeowner, then provide purchasing services for their furnishings and accessories on occasion. My firm offers interior design and architectural services."

Now, every one of those people has the same title, "Interior Designer". Not one of these firms is better than the other. They are simply different. Much like a podiatrist will help you with your feet, and an obstetrician will help you with.... not your feet, designers have many different areas of expertise. Be sure to do research and determine first, what you are looking for in a designer, then whether your local designer provides/specializes in the service you are seeking.

Ready to complicate this further? There are also home professionals that can be confused as interior designers:

Home Stagers:

Home stagers provide a very valuable service to those selling spaces. They stage a home for optimal photography and in a way that allows a potential buyer to imagine themselves in the space. A stager's job is not to create a unique space tailored to the homeowner, but one that has the perfect balance between a blank slate and something that shows the buyer scale and possible use.



I have heard almost daily, "Oh! So, you're like Joanna Gaines!" But alas, I have a very different background. Joanna has an "eye" for design and provides design ideas on-site. I received professional training with an emphasis on building code, and designing for ergonomics, interior architecture, and health and safety. I observe a space and the way that it will be used, then design for the occupant. I have training in architectural drafting and can read and create blueprints. 

My skill does not lie in making quick decisions on-site, the way that a flipper might. Flippers need to move quickly and work on a TIGHT budget. This takes a lot of fast on your feet thinking. That said, I am beginning to work with flippers as a design consultant- so I anticipate seeing this skill enhance!

Personal Shopper:

Some interior designers shop with you. Most do not. A personal shopper may accompany you on shopping excursions and provide their "eye" for good design in making selections where each selection is an item that you like, regardless of the overall home design. If you want someone to confirm which items "go" best based on your favorites and ensuring that you like every single piece, a personal shopper may be a great direction.


Designers usually present a design package that takes in the whole of your space, and is presented as a whole. Each piece selected is a part of a greater whole. Sometimes one piece may not be THE ONE that you would select on it's own. However, it is a part of the larger picture. As my dear friend Rebecca West phrases it, "You may not like a teaspoon of curry if I ask you to eat it on it's own, but in a dish I prepare for you, the curry spice will be well received." In design, it is not about the ingredients on their own, but the final dish.

Home Stylist:

A Home Stylist is similar to a stager, but focuses more on personal style. The stylist will decorate your home, with accessories, decor, furnishings, and possibly window treatments. They will not work with fixed items that require construction. This career has also been called "Interior Decorating".

So... what do YOU do, Rachel?

Waldron Designs offers interior design related to interior architecture as well as architecture services. We will work with you on your remodel, new construction, and home addition to develop architectural plans for your builder or general contractor. Most of our projects are either on the very small end of the spectrum (one-time consultations) or turn key services as follows. Once construction begins, we provide ongoing on-site observation and communication to ensure the design intent is carried through to completion. We also provide purchasing services on furnishings and accessories for your home to include custom furniture design, bedding design, and window treatment design. We offer a limited selection of items that may be purchased and shipped directly to your home and a limitless selection of goods that are to-the-trade merchandise that must go through our warehouse and inspection before white glove delivery and installation in your home.