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Don't Let Trends Define You

The power of continued education...

The power of continued education...

I had the most exciting month in September. Waldron Designs has so much going on, how to sum it up in a newsletter?! Okay, here's the Princess Bride "sum up" version (please tell me you got that): 

Growth at Waldron Designs: If you've visited the "About" page lately, you'll notice there have been some changes. We now have a "Design Team" page introducing our not one, but TWO interns and the occasional architectural support provided by my fabulous husband! He's not full time or even part time with Waldron Designs (yet), so if you're looking for an architect, let us know ASAP and we'll get you on the list!

Specifier Night: See that nerdy pic above? I felt so red carpet. I went to the Albert Lee Specifier Event, and wow. I learned so much about appliances, got to see what was new and the best part? I got to see what is coming up and is not even on the market yet! No wait... even better... I got to see the CONCEPT designs for GE Appliances and it's looking pretty sci-fi awesome, my friends.

Allied ASID, NKBA: Have you noticed all those cool letters after my name in emails? I have joined ASID (The American Society for Interior Designers- the biggest association for the interior design profession) and am an allied member. What this means is that I have a college degree in interior design and that I need to provide continuing education credits to maintain this status. I have also joined NKBA (The National Kitchen and Bath Association) and have big plans to become certified as a kitchen and bath designer... after all these years designing kitchens and baths, it only seems appropriate.

Enough about me... let's talk about you!

So, your neighbor just got a white kitchen, and there are white kitchens on Houzz. There are white kitchens in all the magazines. Therefore, you MUST have a white kitchen, right? Wrong. Now, don't get me wrong. I love a good white kitchen and am not here to bash them. However, it honestly breaks my heart to do one after another of the same design because people see it everywhere. Why do you hire a designer? To be unique. So that you can have a one of a kind, 100% YOU space. So, throw away the magazines. Stop looking at Pinterest (oh, how I love/hate Pinterest). And start looking at yourself, your experiences, what makes you happy.

Let's work together to create a concept that is uniquely you and develop that into a design that moves you. Don't let the trends that are around you stop you from creating a space that speaks to you. Don't be afraid to try something new. That's why you've hired a designer, after all, isn't it?!

I stopped by the Seattle Design Center recently to finish up an order, and since it was a quick stop, I decided to spend some research time and get to know some other showrooms and furniture lines. That's when I met this beauty. A rep asked if she could help me and I let her know that I dreamed of the day I would have projects with this level of adventure. Then it hit me... why don't I? I have no one to blame but myself for that. I haven't presented it. I have provided exactly what my clients ask for, and of course this is important, but sometimes we ask for something because it is all we know. How would I know to ask for this elegant sweeping chair with funky Beetlejuice stripes if I hadn't seen it?

Designers have access to products that simply are not available to the public, and it's my duty to present these exciting options to you while keeping the feeling you would like to represent in your home in mind.

Moral of the story: if you hire a designer, trust them to give you something exciting. Don't limit yourself to what you see in the magazines. We can do so much more than that!