Get the Spa Feeling at Home


Almost anyone who has ever visited a spa does not want the feeling to end. It's a place where we leave all our to-do's, our responsibilities, and burdens behind and focus entirely on the here and now.

We feel healthy, pampered, and able to leave the world behind for a time. Isn't this how our homes should be? We should arrive home and not let work even cross our minds. We are in our safe place, our oasis. This is our haven, our place of ultimate freedom and even more than a spa- personal expression!

Designer Purchasing Services: A Money SAVER???

I know that many people think designers are out to get their money and rip them off... so I want to share what happened to me yesterday. I presented four lamps digitally to a homeowner. They, in turn looked them up online. They presented to me what they'd found saying proudly that they could have them by Friday. Then, we looked at the pricing. $63 more per lamp from the online retailers. That was the best pricing available. 

Interior designers share their discount with you. We are here to represent your best interest. Yes, we mark up products. We are retailers, just like if you were to walk into a furniture store. The difference is that we personally manage your order, ensure that it has arrived safely, that it fits with your home and style, and provide installation.

Sometimes it does cost more, but let me tell you why it's worth it. Interior design is a service. You have one person diligently working to customize and tailor your design for YOU. As my friend and colleague so beautifully put it, it's not a drive through restaurant. This is organic farm-to-table cuisine folks. Yes, you can get a baggie of apples at McDonalds. You can get the same baggie of apples at the gourmet restaurant and it will cost at least twice as much. But, you pay for it. Why? The atmosphere. The service. The comfort. 

Now, hang on... what if this service is desired, but without the interior design services? No problem! Most designers (including yours truly) offer purchasing services. I hope to have a commercial office space in the next year or two where people can walk in, sit down and peruse catalogs, chat with a designer, and order a custom piece without incurring a consultation fee!

Busy, busy, busy!

I've been busier than I ever imagined I would be on this little island! I currently have a waiting list out to October, possibly November, and I would love to get your project on the list before it's pushed out to next summer! That said, I am looking into the possibility of adding team members.... but, we'll talk about that later. Until then, some quick tips on making your home your oasis:


Remove the stressors, remove the burdens, and embrace responsibilities as a sort of exercise. Need to pay the bills? Create a beautiful, organized chart that is satisfying to check off as each bill is paid. Develop a system that feels like a regular purge... like a spa cleansing for your mind!

Right here, Right now

There was a popular song with this title when I was in school... ha ha. Speaking of songs. Use music to allow you to focus on the now. I assembled a morning play list that lets me gradually break into the day. It takes what is normally a very stressful part of the day (getting kids out of the door when they refuse to dress) and adds an element of calm for me.


This doesn't have to mean pedicures and massages! Give yourself something at home that allows you to feel enriched, comfortable, and happy. One example might be a library- this is not just a stack of books. Make your special space an experience. Think about the way this space smells and the way it feels. Consider keeping a fresh bouquet of flowers next to the bed and splurge on linens that feel wonderful on your skin.


Allow yourself to sweat daily and feel good about what is going on with your body. Create a special space for this activity and allow it to be one that is energizing. Emily Herrick will soon have a studio for yoga classes, so if you're unable to create a space at home, take advantage of her beautiful scenery and excellent yoga instruction!

Eat Well

We don't need to be at a spa to eat well. Drink water!