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4 Steps To Create A Home Gym

I don't make resolutions. I simply make goals whenever the idea pops into my head. However, I tend to make more goals at this time of year, because I'm starting new things. My financial records start fresh, and with a new year comes a review of old policies, introductions to new ones, and new fresh ideas on how we do things.


I haven't made a resolution to get into shape. I have made a goal to strengthen my shoulders, back, core muscles, neck, and arms. I was in an accident last winter that has me receiving regular treatments and I am watching my strength fizzle away due to my need to "take it easy". After a year of taking it easy, I realized that I'm missing crawling around on the floor with my boys, holding them up in the air, pushing them on swings, and teaching them to do a cart-wheel by example. So, I plan to take advantage of the times when I feel strong and enhance that strength. 

In order to do that, I need to either 1. Join a gym or 2. give myself a space to exercise at home. I've selected the latter for now. Now, how does one create an exercise space at home? Take a look at these considerations:

1. Consider the type of activity you love to do

I love yoga, so my ideal space for exercise is soothing, but powerful. Someone who enjoys weightlifting may want their space to feel strong, motivating their choice of activity. An aerobic exerciser likely wants an energizing space. Of course, the ideal is that we combine these types of exercise for a well-balanced routine, but seeing as we're creating a home gym, let's keep things simple for now and focus on the one that really motivates us.

2. List your equipment needs

While my yoga space needs are fairly simple with a yoga mat alone, if you have equipment that requires installation, there are electrical needs to consider. Regardless of what the set up is, consider needs for sufficient space.

3. What moves you?

Your space should motivate you in every capacity. Is sports television motivation, or will it be a view of the outdoors. 

4. Consider ventilation 

A space that breathes with you is crucial to comfort and health. The inability to breathe comfortably in a space designed to emphasize healthy breathing... well, that's a problem.  Check to see if windows are operable and if circulation of that air is attainable.

With these considerations in mind, select your space and get to work! Need a little guidance? Try a virtual consultation with Waldron Designs! Need a lot of guidance or someone to do it for you? Schedule a phone consultation now to discuss how we can get started.

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