My Inspiration Top 5

I admit it, I stole this idea from another blog post. Well, I was "flipping" through my Feedly, and saw that one blog found different designers and asked them for five things that inspire them. What a good idea... and I wonder what my top 5 would be. How do I show in an image that the #1 is just a deep-seeded urge to "fix" things- that design is something I must do? But, what inspires me when I start.... well, that's something else. So, here it is, and no- it's not the typical design inspiration list (for the most part).

1. Fantasy

From a very young age, I have loved fantasy. Dreaming of magical, mystical things. Outrageous things. Evil vs. Good. I love that people can create such magic with imagination and creativity, and that we can lose ourselves in it.

2. Deterioration

What I'm referring to is peeling wallpaper and our deep desire to see what is underneath. Tarnished metals, and dirty cracked windows. I love abandoned spaces because they make me so curious about what they were and what they could be.

3. Nature

Here's the one we always expect from designers. Who doesn't love nature? I love the ocean and it's endlessness.I love the way that nature always seems to overtake things. The colors and details are so awe-inspiring. The way the sun feels on skin, and its light dances in the leaves of trees. The smell of fresh blossoms in the spring. Of course designers draw inspiration from nature! 

4. People 

I dream of happiness and equality for all people. It saddens me deeply that anyone lives in a home that they find less than beautiful. Our homes should inspire wonder, imagination, and hope. I want people to feel that, and as many people as possible... Nothing satisfies me in my career more than hearing joy from my clients

5. Music

I know what you're thinking- it's not even visual! But, it is... so very visual. How many of you have seen Fantasia and the wonderful images conjured up by those who listened to the music? I cannot tell you how many times I've closed my eyes and imagined beautiful, horrible, peaceful, and chaotic imagery to match the music I listened to. The images below are just a small sampling of those I listen to when I want to dream. 


Your turn- what inspires you?!