Interior Design. At your convenience. On your budget.


Waldron Designs is thrilled to offer online design services through Laurel & Wolf. Using their wonderful interface, we are able to exchange information.

Designs are priced by room, at $450/room. 

How the process works:

We'll have 10 days of Design Time to work one-on-one to perfect your room.*

At the end of Design Time, once you’ve approved your room, your designer will send a Final Design Package with a style board, shopping list and digital floor plan with set-up instructions. 

*Multi-room projects receive an additional seven days for each additional room in the project.

Design project length:

A design project typically takes about 2 weeks for a single room project. If you're doing a multi-room project, you'll have 7 additional days per room during the Design Time phase of your project. Need more time? Contact, and the timeline may be extended. 

Working with Open Floor Plans:

If you have an open floor plan, pricing is determined by the area you want designed. For example, if you have an open living/dining space, and you want your living and dining space designed, this is considered two spaces.