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Top 5 Design Projects to Start in the Fall

Prime remodel for the holidays season is coming to an end. Yes, it can still be done- but I don't recommend it. So, what can you do now to primp your home for those holiday guests? Here are the top 10 projects to start in the fall:

Fall Project #1: Update your Furnishings

Custom Furnishings generally take 6-8 weeks, and you'll want to allow some time to design them. So, the time is now to get the perfect sofa that you just cannot seem to find retail. Soft furnishings take a bit longer usually than tables, entertainment units, and unupholstered chairs, so you have a bit more flexibility there. Now, if you're up for some retail shopping, then you may have a bit more time, though often times pieces still need to be ordered and will take up to 6-8 weeks regardless of it being retail. Either way, this is the time to jump on that boat!

Fall Project #2: Add Some Window Treatments

Window treatments are usually a bit faster than furnishings, I'd say 4-6 weeks for fully custom treatments. We need time to have the fabric selected, ordered, shipped to the workroom, then assembled. Not to mention the design. Be ready to pay approximately $1500/window for fully custom treatments. Now, if you're up for something a little less custom, we can work with a retail location to provide window treatments that start at $195 for a pair of panels (hardware not included). The time is usually about the same for these retail locations. The third option is to pick up a pair at the store. You'll likely need to have them hemmed to the right size, but it's certainly an option on a tight timeline and budget!

Fall Project #3: Paint Your Interior Spaces

Nothing freshens an interior space quite like a new coat of paint or wall treatment. Prep that home for guests with a new color or pattern! Interior color consultations start at $260 for a basic full home palette!


Fall Project #4: Update your Decor

Does it look like Granny Fanny decorated your living room? Clean out the old and bring in some new pieces for a space that looks pulled together and uncluttered. If you tend to over accessorize (like most do!), remove all your decor and set out no more than five items per room, gradually add as needed and you'll feel that your space is refreshed and simplified! 

Fall Project #5: Aesthetic Remodels

If you have a great kitchen layout, but would like new floors and counters, this is a great time for those projects. Update your finishes and fixtures and save design time! Updating the cabinets, even if you're sticking with the same layout requires much more thought, but simply replacing a finish is a great fall job. Some typical projects that fit in this category are:

  • New shower surround
  • Replace plumbing fixtures (tub, toilet, sinks)
  • Update the appliances
  • New flooring

Waldron Designs is available to assist with these smaller projects to ensure that your home looks fabulous come holiday season. Schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss your project and we'll take it from there!