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Before and After: Chautauqua Beach Residence

I met this homeowner in the winter of 2014, just days before Christmas. They had recently purchased a summer home on the island and needed major remodel work to be designed and completed by June 1st. What an exhilarating project! I was still designing the new space as the contractors ripped out the old ones. 

There will be several more photos to come, but I just couldn't wait any longer. Thank you to Catie Bergman for providing photography below- take a look at her website for some amazing portrait photography as well!

Chautauqua Beach Residence: Before

As can be seen from the images below, we started with a home that had quite a bit of potential. The old wood stove surround was dated, and the family did not need this back up heat source in the upper level. The colors were dated, and while the kitchen had a functional layout, the cabinets were old, and the space was closed off and not particularly well lit.

Chautauqua Beach Residence: After

This is still a process photograph, as the window treatments and sofa had not yet arrived, but it gives a great idea of the massive improvement in this space. The fireplace was removed, and shelving installed (a surprise to come on this!) in the walls. The walls that blocked off the kitchen were removed to offer a much more open plan. We replaced the carpet with wood flooring, updated light fixtures, paint, and completed a full kitchen remodel.