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Waldron Designs New Studio!

I’ve been waiting to write this post forever because… well, it’s not quite done. We have a few finishing touches and when those are finished, we will do a professional shoot of the new space. In the meantime, here are a couple quick cell phone shots to share what I’ve been dreaming of- a design studio designed by me, for me. Who knew I would EVER be able to design my own space?!

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Needle Creek Bedroom

I met the owner of this gorgeous bedroom when he was looking at a house across the street from my own, and it was fate... if I believed in fate... for us to be the best of friends. It didn't take us long to discover that we had children the same ages, similar interests, and similarly goofy personalities with a deep-seeded joy for being completely inappropriate.

When he asked me for a color consultation for the home he ended up in (not across the street), I was more than happy to help! When it evolved into more design, I was ecstatic.

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"Can I Use Quartz on My Fireplace Surround?"

During the schematic design phase of each project, I develop preliminary selections. I then confer with the product rep and contractor to broaden my awareness of that particular product and verify that my application is suitable.

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Before and After: Westside Farmhouse

This beautiful farmhouse was screaming for an update. The 1920's kitchen had never been touched and the family had only one restroom on their main level in a home that frequently houses guests. I was so proud that they chose me to bring this beautiful home up to date, while preserving its original charm!

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