Is Brass Really Back?

I'll be honest. I was traumatized by the 1980's interior design. The brass. The overstuffed arms.  The cabbage floral print.  The colored leather. The gaudy swagged curtains. But, is brass really back?

I cringe when I hear these 80's trends mentioned, and it is likely that I will never, ever incorporate them into my own home. However, most of this can be done well by simplifying and taking an updated approach. Most of them.. let's play "challenge Rachel into finding attractive, modern versions of 80's trends!"

Is Brass Back?

We've seen the brass. That is full swing! It's everywhere.

Overstuffed Furniture

What is better for a comfy coastal retreat than a sofa you can sink into?

Cabbage Floral Print

The cabbage floral print... maybe what hurts me so much about this is that we have the pink, we have the green, we have the giant in-your-face flower. It's just a bit overboard for me. I am a huge fan of understated simplicity. Yeah, I know- you'd never know it with my random in your face design choices. Frankly, I can't explain it. Anywho... the monochromatic version doesn't quite set me off in the same way, I find:

Dyed Leather

Oh, hello you beautiful leather:

Swagged Drapes

Swagged drapes are gorgeous, you hear me? Gorgeous!! See? Proof:

So, is brass really back? Is it here to stay? I think the answer lies in the old saying "everything in moderation". If we overdo it- it will be another grody fad. So if it's really BACK and we're seeing it everywhere... I'd honestly recommend playing it on the lay low until the fad has passed to make sure it's not going to be a stain on your beautiful space.

In the meantime... what do you think of copper?