Designing the Empty Nest

Well, it finally happened to you. You've been waiting for this moment since your youngest was ten, and now the kids are moved out. You may be relieved. It may feel surreal. Maybe you feel as though you're in mourning. Your nest is empty, the little birds have flown. It's time to make use of that space and design the empty nest.

My kids are only five and two, so I'll be honest- I cannot sympathize. But, I empathize. I still feel like my heart is ripped in two every time the kids go off to school (they come home at 3pm!), and I simultaneously sigh of relief. I finally have a moment to myself, time to do my work! We're so desperate for our freedom, but when we have it... those gremlins sure do take up a large part of our hearts, don't they? Okay, take a deep breath. It's okay to NOT leave their rooms EXACTLY as they left them. There are ways to utilize the space and still have a place for them when they come home to visit.

Remember that horrible sofa that you've been hanging onto because the kids abuse your furniture so much? How about the kitchen that worked so well for meal prep and studying, but seems so vacant now? There's the room that was dedicated to their video games, magazines, etc. 

Ladies, Gents- you earned this. Your home is yours again! Rejoice!

designing the empty nest: new ways to use their rooms

Make their old bedroom into an office/guestroom:

 Pull out the video games and put in a bar.

Add a craft room with a pull out:

I plan to write a series of posts on what to do with all that house when the kids move out- so stay tuned! For now... the world is your oyster! Start dreaming, and when you're ready, contact me to get started!