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Holistic Interior Design

I've seen this term a lot lately, and whenever I hear the term "holistic", I think of natural medicine. But, when I really thought about the word, it truly means "whole". I like to think that I do holistic design because I consider the whole home, even when doing a color consultation for a single room. It is important to understand the home, the homeowners, their needs, and their lifestyle.


Yesterday, I met with Michael Laurie of Watershed LLC.  We talked about how important green and sustainable design is, and ways that we can support each other to best meet our client's needs.

As I was explaining to him how I approach design, it hit me that I was explaining myself better than I ever had to anyone.. I'd love to share what I said and hear what all of you think. Does this make sense?

And here is why my intro makes sense

I love to do remodel work, the bigger the remodel, the more excited I am. I love the idea of taking a space and completely ripping out its innards, working with the existing shell to make it a functional design. Honestly, sometimes I wish I'd gotten my MA in Architecture because I am so proud of the amazing complete home designs I did in college; interior, exterior, framing plan, the works. But, I didn't and I digress. I do a lot of kitchen and bath design, but I do not consider myself to be a kitchen and bath designer.

I do sell products, but that is not my focus. I design holistically in that I create designs for spaces and for the people that inhabit them. I do not create spaces for products. When I sit down to draw a kitchen, I do not consult a catalog of parts first. I do the design to meet your needs, then find or create the product that will meet the design. When I draw a furniture layout, I do not browse retail stores to find pieces. I determine what the most functional layout is for your needs, then find or create the pieces to fit those needs.

When I select colors for your entry, I am influenced by what is in your living room. I'm influenced by your home exterior. I'm influenced by your passions, and your tastes. I'm not just selecting a color based on the adjacent floor or trim. I put a lot of thought into every decision, and it's not unusual to see me spread out colors, finishes, and images all round me so that I can spot the best selection for your space. This is why I don't make decisions instantly in your home. I was trained professionally to think about each and every decision and have a reason for that decision. The reason, "it just looks good" just doesn't cut it.

So, yes- services sometimes take longer than you may have expected. The reason is because I take you seriously. I value you. I want to make the right decision for you and earn your trust.

I'm not writing this post because I want to give a marketing spiel. I'm writing it because I value my career, and I want you to value it as well. Not for me, but for you and your design. I won't "wing it" for you. You're too important to me.

Now that I've thrown all that out, I'm off to write another post about how Michael Laurie and I discovered great ways of supporting our clients!