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Dream a little Dream of Design

It's the month of loooove (said in my best "hubba hubba" voice), and I'll be honest that for me, romance is outdoors in the summer with twinkle lights or candle light. Who picked February for Valentine's day?? But, romance can also mean... the bedroom. Cue Marvin Gaye...

So, for something romantic... and not outside, here's a fun board I threw together to get you in the mood. Note that all products are available to the trade, so if you see one that gets you frolicsome, go take a cold shower, then give me a call and I'll see what I can do!

The one item I did not fit in there was bedding. I'd go all white. I always dream of waking up in warm, white fluffy bedding. It seems so warm in the winter and so cool and refreshing in the summer! Something like this: