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Holiday gifts for any home

Shopping for gifts is HARD. I know my siblings better than almost anyone, and yet I blank when I try to think of a good gift for them. My husband is impossible to shop for. Friends? Don't even go there. 

So, let's simplify things a bit. We put so much pressure on gifts being meaningful, sentimental even. If every gift was meaningful and sentimental... well, wouldn't it kind of kill the buzz? How about practical? Logical? Fanatical... no wait... that's a song.

Try these wonderful holiday gifts for any home, regardless of style- we all love these, right?

1. Gifts for any home: Throws

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Everyone should have throws. Lots and lots of throws. Layer them, bunch them, toss them, but mostly snuggle under them!

2. Gifts for any home: Mirrors

Unless your recipient is Dracula, a mirror can be used in any home. If you're unsure on style, keep it simple. But, here are some stylish picks that will complement most styles!

3. Gifts for any home: Clocks

Have you ever been in a home with no clocks? We all have phones on us 24/7, so we forget to hang clocks, and let me tell you, this will make your guests crazy! I love my friends and lose track of time when I'm with them- so please, don't make me pull out my phone.... I want to look at YOU!

As a little side tip, place clocks where your guests will see them when they are in conversation with you, so there is no awkward moment where they are glancing over their shoulder. No one wants to look like they are desperate to leave!

4. Gifts for any home: Baskets

There are few more practical gifts than a basket or a collection of baskets. This one is right up there with throws for me. Why? Because the first thing I hear when I enter any home is, "I need more storage". Often times, homes with a plethora of storage... need more storage. Baskets are magic little boxes that you can hide things away in, and it looks pretty! Really, even if you're not a basket person (and I'm not), a few baskets never hurt anyone. I have dreams of adding at least 15 baskets to my home... as someone who doesn't looooooove baskets, I'd say that makes them a practical gift.

5. Gifts for any home: Towels

Let's face it- even if you have the best towels in your home, there is something luxurious about getting out of the bath to use a NEW towel. Or, displaying an adorable dish towel. Towels rock- period.

There you have it. Five great options for anyone who manages a home. Now, no more procrastinating!