Blasting off to Inner Space

I have a secret, and I'm not telling what it is. I know, that's horrible and mean of me. What I will say is that I love collaborating with other small businesses. Helping fellow entrepreneurs and receiving help from them is what makes businesses thrive. Collaborations help us get out of the solo mentality and break up the loneliness that comes with even the most interactive entrepreneurships.


And, with that, I'd like to introduce my secret... well, part of it. Emily Herrick is a yoga instructor, and what could this possibly have anything to do with interior design? Well, a lot actually. Emily has a background in home organization and with professional expertise in both, she's learned to take a different approach to both, working to help people create a sense of calm in their bodies and in their homes. 

So, Emily and I are working on some fun ideas for collaborations and ways that we can help homeowners to simplify, declutter, relax, and make their home their paradise. Vacation shouldn't have to wait for time off from work and jet lag. Vacation should happen every time you set foot in your door. So, without further adieu, Emily has generously offered to share

Emily Herrick's 5 tips on creating your own personal calm:

  1. Introduce rituals and rhythms into the beginning and ending of your day (bookends), such as meditation or reading a personal growth book (a book, not a screen!) to bring a sense of control and your own agenda, not someone else’s, into your daily routine.
  2. When you're outside, particularly in nature, take note of your surroundings- stop and really notice what appeals to you and what you find beautiful. Start thinking about ways to incorporate that into your home space, bringing the outside in.
  3. Be mindful about how you interact with your cell phone. Use it in positive ways, such as listening to uplifting podcasts or meditations, rather than being mindlessly tethered to it. Put it away when interacting face-to-face with others.
  4. Single task, don't multi-task. Multi-tasking is a myth- we're not accomplishing more, we're accomplishing less, because our minds are constantly switching back and forth.
  5. Have a gratitude practice- start with a few a day, written in a beautiful journal. Nothing brings more of what we want in life than gratitude for what we already have.
  6. BONUS! Stop and notice your breath as often as possible.

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