5 Autumn-Ready Interior Design Projects

I'm not ready to give up summer yet, but that doesn't mean that I am not thinking forward and preparing for fall. I know that looking around the house there are often so many projects that it is hard to think of what to tackle next. Hopefully, I can help guide you in the right direction.

1. Remodeling that darn kitchen

Up and coming project by Waldron Designs!

Up and coming project by Waldron Designs!

If that is on the to-do list, tackle it NOW. You're in the tail end of the suggested time of year to get a kitchen designed and installed before the holidays. Many, if not most contractors are booked and will be unable to do your project in time if you book them now. So, this is the time!

2. Light the walkways and entries

It will be getting darker, and you don't want your guests tripping on the way to the front door or squinting at the house numbers to try to read them. 

3. Spruce up the fireplace

Maybe it's time to rip it out completely or give it a facelift. This is a great time for a project like this! Don't have a fireplace? Check out the portable options:

4. Sort through all those old throw blankets

Throws can be out of date or just not suit your space any longer. Donate those old throws to local homeless children, and update yours to suit your space and style. 

5. Add some autumn decor

Time to stock up on candles, throw pillows, and runners! I like to add a little spooky twist to everything in the fall in anticipation of Halloween!