Kitchen Questionnaire

I am absolutely thrilled to start this journey of working together! I have created this survey to allow you time to think about your answers and to prevent our meetings from becoming interviews. Your answers will help me zone, conceptualize, then fine-tune your kitchen design

Thank you!

Name *
General Information
Use of "green" products, products made from recycled materials, water conservation products, energy efficient lighting, areas for recycling, etc. Please comment.
Specific Kitchen Questions
Is the primary cook
Does the primary cook have any hobbies/specialty cooking preferences?
How do you use the kitchen for meals at home?
What are your kitchen dining area requests?
Weekly, monthly, annually. Formal, informal, buffet, plated.
What secondary activities will take place in your kitchen?
What is your cycle for shopping for food?
What types of products do you typically purchase at the grocery store?
What small specialty electrical appliances do you use in your kitchen?
What type of specialized storage is desired?
Design Information
Light and airy, cozy and warm, luxurious, craftsy, etc.
Design Information