Winning With Your Interior Designer

I read a fantabulous blog post recently by my very talented colleaque, Tawna Allred, that literally had me saying "Yes!" out loud! I immediately wrote a message to her saying essentially, "Do you mind if I steal that idea?" to which she happily told me to go for it. 

See, this is a message all design clients should hear, because it is from the heart, caring, and completely honest. So, without further adieu, I would love to share this post directly with my own clients and followers:

How to Get Anything You Want From Your Interior Designer

When you hire a designer, what answers are you looking for?
What results do you want that you can’t get on your own?
Interior design work is magical. Designers are dream makers, creative seekers, and guardians of the beautiful.
We are also servants, psychologists, executors, fund managers, and problem solvers.
Beyond that, we are fathers, mothers, siblings, and caretakers.
We are human.
Just like you.
With that spirit in mind, I thought I would attempt a post that brings client and designer together to a better understanding. While television glamorizes, social media shows the best-of, and I truly love what I do, my work is not all sunshine and roses.
After all, when we signed the contract to work together I agreed to take your stress and make it my own for the next 3 months to two years.
I’m ok with that.
And I really, really, really want to make you happy.

>>read more at her website, and know that I agree COMPLETELY with every statement!


I thought about writing this post for a while, and hesitated. First of all, it seems lazy. I'm essentially saying- "yeah, what she said!!". But, designers often have the same message to share with our clients and I think it is important to illustrate that in many ways we are on the same page. I could have taken what she wrote and rewrote my own version, but I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due. So... yeah... what she said!