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Why Green Is A Perfect Accent Color

Photo courtesy of Siraphat via

Photo courtesy of Siraphat via

I have to admit, green is my favorite color (and blue, and grey, and black, oh dear!). Setting aside the sheer beauty of the color, it has properties that allow it to be used as a cool color as well as warm color meaning that it is incredibly versatile. But, there is so much more to green! Green brings in the outdoors.  It is said to relax the mind. This color represents fertility, nature, growth, and optimism. 

Now, I can pull out the education card and talk about the color wheel, but I want to be honest with you... Color was maybe one week of my four year program. This was, fortunately, a skill that came naturally. So, we can talk about red being its compliment, how yellow and blue are analogous on the wheel, but I don't know a color that green does not look fabulous with. 

So, what makes it the perfect accent? Well, let's look at several different kinds of spaces with different styles and colors. 

Farmhouse: Modernize with Green

This cute farmhouse uses green to add a modern flair to an otherwise quaint space. Blue would have also offered a modern touch, but it would have been a much cooler feeling. Red would give it more of a barn look. Green offers and optimism and cheerfulness that could likely only be found in yellow, though yellow would provide an energy that may not be wanted in a peaceful space. Green it is!

Contemporary Home: Bring Nature in with Green

This contemporary space needed energy and a connection to the out doors that only green could provide. Blue would have allowed the connection, but would have been modern and restful. Only green screams with the energy this space needed.

Traditional Home: Warms up with Green

Green is a cool color, and this is one of the things I love about it. A cool color, that warms up a space. It works splendidly with blues and greys in a time when cool is trendy, but allows these spaces to warm up with its warm undertones. Just because I love how much green provides warmth- here is another example of it's magic warmth in an otherwise cool space:

Craftsman Homes: Green Offers a Cool Touch

Wait, did I just say that it warms spaces up? Yeah, well it also can work to cool a space down. This warm tile is cooled down just a touch with the green glass tiles, ensuring that a balance between warm and cool exists.

Industrial Space: Green provides Edge

If you're looking for edge, green has it. Of course, if you're looking for tame, green will be there for you again. Green screams, beckons, welcomes, and soothes. What could be more enticing than that?