When Do I Need a Permit?

We are just dipping our toes in the permitting waters, and have begun handling the permitting process when needed with the assistance of a consultant while we learn the ropes. The first thing we did when beginning to take this new part of the process on, is to visit the permitting office and discuss challenges, concerns, and frequently asked questions.

In the past, we focused exclusively on interior spaces. Structural changes were rare and when they did come up, they were handled by others. Today, we are working on more home additions, full renovations, and bigger space manipulations that include structural changes. When this happens, there are design decisions that need to be made and these decisions are questioned and may even change during the permitting process. This absolutely calls for the designer to be involved in this process.

To answer the question of when you need a permit, it is always best to check with the permitting office when in doubt. Typically, an interior renovation that does not structurally alter the home will not need a permit beyond the ones your electrician and plumber will already be managing. Once those structural changes happen, it’s time to get the project permitted.

Any time structural changes are made, a permit will be needed.

Additionally, whenever electrical or plumbing is impacted, a permit is required. However, the plumber and electrician will handle this, and it is likely you won’t even know that permit was put through.

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