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The Cluttered Home

Clutter is one of the biggest challenges I see in homes today and becoming more and more common, particularly in island homes. We love a good find on Vashon- the Estate Sales are wonderful as are all the fun and funky Grannie’s finds. I support these businesses 100%, and yet I am finding homes that have no space to move, breathe, or function simply because every nook is filled with another great find. It’s not so great anymore when it’s buried among the masses.

What do we do with a cluttered home? Well, it’s easy for me to TELL someone what to do. It’s harder to do it. One home I saw was full of furnishings that had been inherited when parents passed away- not exactly easy to set out on the side of the road for a free pick up now, is it? One of the best tips I learned as a designer is that the best designs aren’t filled, they are cleared. Meaning, once we’ve created the design, we look at what can be removed. If it can be removed and the design still holds its ground, it wasn’t necessary. Keep removing unitl we have only what is NEEDED. That, is beautiful design. This is not to say that spaces need to be emptied, just that they should be well thought out and utilized.

“The best designed spaces aren’t filled up with ‘stuff’, they are cleared of it”

My best advice to my clients- don’t pop into Estate sales or Grannies just to see what they have. Instead, go with a singular purpose and need in mind, and leave only with that item. If you are easily distracted, bring support- someone who will hedge your urges to buy a piece just because, and help you focus on why you are there. At retal stores, utilize the reps! They know their product, and if you arrive prepared with dimensions and photos of existing items, the reps can help you find the perfect fit.

Now that we know how to avoid ADDING clutter in furnishings, what do we do with the existing clutter? Interior design can certainly help with all the loose odds and ends by providing well-planned built in storage and spaces that are created for their functions. However, excessive knick-nacks and overpurchasing cannot be remedied with a few pretty cabinets. This requires purging, organizing, and overall a lifestyle change. Whew! Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? If this does sound more daunting to you than exciting, I highly recommend bringing in a home organizer.

When working on a renovation project and clearing clutter, we suggest scheduling a home organizer initial consult to coincide with your interior design in-home consultation.

I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial it is for multiple professionals to work together on home improvement projects. We love coordinating with home organizers by meeting with you on the same day. Once the organizer has had some time to purge and understand the needs of the space, we request a follow up meeting with the organizer to coordinate a plan. The design is developed with your lifestyle and organization needs in mind, and the home is clutter free!

To schedule an appointment with Waldron Designs and a Home Organizer, contact us. We will connect you with our recommended organizers and coordinate that first meeting!