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What to Know About Selecting Cabinets: Framed, Frameless, or inset?

One of the first things your designer will ask is if you have a preference between framed, frameless, or inset cabinets. Now, if you provide photos of the styles you like, it will become obvious right away. 

Framed cabinets generally have a more traditional appearance. With framed cabinetry, we can see the frame of the box. Inset cabinets will always have a frame. The downside is you get a bit less accessibility. 

Frameless cabinets offer a more modern and Minimalistic appearance. Now, anyone who knows me and my design style is probably thinking that I prefer frameless. I love the extra storage. I love the clean line. But, I'm a sucker for inset cabinets!

Which do you prefer?

Inset cabinets:

Look at the two photos below. You can see that the doors are flush with the frame of the cabinet. 

framed cabinets:

The best way to determine whether a cabinet is framed or not, is to look at the door. Is it proud of the box? If so, it is definitely not inset. Can you see wood between the doors/drawers? Whala- framed!

frameless cabinets:

Frameless cabinets put the door directly on the cabinet box- no frame. This offers a clean look that can be contemporary (as shown in the photos below) or can take a more traditional approach depending on the styling of the door, hardware, etc.