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Opposites Attract: Design for Couples with Opposing Styles

And you know it ain't fiction, just a natural fact
We come together 'cuz opposites attract

We all have differing opinions sometimes, even those of us who are perfect matches. So, what do we do when our spouse has a completely different design style? Well, as a woman who lives through it every day, I can honestly say that the only solution is communication and compromise. No, I'm not a marriage counselor. But, I often see couples with different design styles who butt heads on a project. 

But, what if he likes clean, modern lines and cool colors and she likes traditional, soft curves with a warm glow? We play on contrast! Make the opposites complement each other the way that the people complement one another. 

More often than not, couples agree on what they want, and actually clash on what they need.

One wants something so much that they need it and the other sees that it's a desire, not a functional aspect and one that often costs an arm and a leg. Budget is a big area of conflict. She wants the gourmet cooktop and he knows she only cooks once a week... and it's not gourmet. Sometimes we have to be willing to let go of our desires a little bit and that's where I play marriage counseling designer for Jack and Jill by showing Jill the amazing gas cooktop that is not a gourmet chef cooktop, but it might as well be and comes at a much more reasonable price. She feels a little disappointed, but I psyche her out with the awesome back splash and a commecial style faucet. 

But, what if he likes clean, modern lines and cool colors and she leans toward a soft, traditional curve with a warm base? This may be my favorite type of challenge, because opposites can be so beautifully complementary.

In the same way that the couple beautifully complements one another, design styles can provide contrast with harmony.

I love to see traditional furnishings in a modern space. Take a space that is so modern, it is almost sterile and drop in some of the most traditional pieces with whimsy and curve, and the beauty is enough to make anyone melt. What is important here, is to really strike on the extremes. A contemporary space with a kind of traditional piece is going to be very tough to pull off.  So, embrace your love for the extreme, even if it isn't what your spouse loves!

Look at all these amazing styles that were born because "opposites attract"!

She wants Rustic, He wants French Country: Enter Shabby Chic!

She's a Bohemian, Global, Chic and her spouse prefers traditional and whimsical: Why decide? go Eclectic!

He wants to give his home some modern edge, his spouse wants to preserve the history and origins of their old farmhouse: Enter the Industrial Farmhouse!