Our Passion. Your Paradise.

Many of you know that Waldron Designs is fairly young in the world of business, and as a business owner, I review and update my plan every year, getting to know more about what I want for Waldron Designs, and how it can better serve you.

In the last few months, I started looking at my tagline. It suits me... I have passion- so much of it that my chipper energy can seem annoying to some (it's part of the reason I quit being an employee and started working for myself). I want to create a paradise for homeowners.. yup, that's true too. But, something felt off. I was frustrated that it didn't encompass all my passions. Sustainability. Quality. Honesty. Ethics. Relationships. So, I started coming up with ideas for new taglines. They all sucked... well, pretty much all of them! You know why? I was doing something I tend to do, that is super unhealthy. I was doubting myself.

Our tagline absolutely encompasses all of these things! OUR PASSION. So, I included the details of our passions on a newly updated "about" page on the site, and I thought I'd share a bit more with you about these passions and what makes me keep going even through the lows (and yes, there are plenty of lows in design).


SUSTAINABILITY. I love this Earth. I love nature. One of my all time favorite quotes from Frank Lloyd Wright is "I believe in God. I spell it N-A-T-U-R-E." I also love people and believe that nothing drives us more than hope. Hope of even better people and an even better world. The only way to create this is with our care and sensitivity.

Even if we want to be selfish about it, sustainability makes sense. It keeps us healthy. It costs more money upfront, but saves money over time. It also increases resale value. 

So, regardless of whether you care about the future of our planet, our children and their children, sustainability is an obvious solution, and one that you can count on when employing Waldron Designs.

RELATIONSHIPS. For this one, I want to tell you a short story from my first job as an interior designer. I was working for a small and wonderful kitchen design boutique. I took pride in what I did. I had designed a few kitchens, when I met my first big design challenge. I was to design a French Country kitchen. My initial thought was "barf". But, I put my best feet forward and drew up a French Country kitchen with the simplicity that would keep this timeless and avoid the over-the-top gawdy look this style is famous for. I was so proud! When I presented this design to the homeowner, she cried. I kid you not. Tears of joy filled her eyes and she told me that it was the kitchen she'd always dreamed of.

Now, not every presentation has been this emotional, but even that sparkle in someone's eye, or the energy with which they dive in to design with me... that's what keeps me going. I love to see your passion brought out by something I've begun.

ETHICS. In addition to my BA in interior design, I also hold an MBA in Marketing. I learned so much about business ethics in school and how there really is no black and white, but so many shades of gray. However, I think that we need to hold true to what is important to us. I studied design at an accredited school that included two courses in codes. I learned that those codes were created for our health and safety, and I am proud to be a designer that has this background and knowledge, and moreso, one who designs to meet these standards. Of course, I miss things, and that is why I love the permitting process. I know... you're all shooting me dirty looks and guffawing... but it is educational for me to have people review my drawings and find flaws. They spot the code breakers that I may have missed (let's be honest, I can't memorize that entire book with all it's frequent changes). I am proud that my husband (our architect) is a LICENSED architect and keeps up on his licensing. I support doing things the legal way, and I actually will almost never draw it if it is not to code.

PERSONALITY. We simply do not all fit in a box. As a kid in high school, you know... when everyone is trying to box you into a "clique", I always threw people off. I was described as a hippie, as goth, as girly, as a tomboy, as a punk... there was just too much in there to make a decision, and to this day old friends remember me being in their cliques. But, I wasn't there half the time because I was everywhere. I love trying everything and fully delving into everything.

Clearly, I couldn't hold on to a "clique" any longer than I could hold onto a single "look"!

 I love learning all the facets and dimensions in people's personalities, their passions and what moves them, so that I can incorporate them into a design. While not everyone expresses themselves in their changing appearance, our home is a place for complete self-expression and I love helping people find that!

There is so much more that drives our passion as a firm, and all I can speak for is myself. But, what I want to know is... what drives YOU!?!?