Living with the Blooz

I go to the library once a week with my youngest son and check out an armload of books for the kiddos to read with mom and dad at bedtime. The last load included a book called "Stuck with the Blooz" (author: Caron Levis) and while I know it was written for kids, it rung true. This poor little girl fights so hard to have a wonderful day, but this big blue oozing monster follows her around, oozing into her lemonade, dripping on her shorts in and in her shoes, and mixing her paint into muddy colors. 

image credit:!stuck-with-the-blooz/cnec

image credit:!stuck-with-the-blooz/cnec

We've all had that day, right? Well, what if I told you I could help? I can't make the Blooz go away. But, I might be able to give you a little push to flip him into the big, beautiful blue sky the way the little girl in the story does! 

Our interior spaces influence so much of our feelings and our emotions. As someone who often feels "stuck" on grey days, wading through the fog of grogginess and crankiness, I want to share what I can of the simple things we can do in our home to brighten the winter. 

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