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Interior Design Values

I came into my business with strong values and morals, but as a new business owner, I did not have the authority yet to be adamant about the way I worked. It was more important that the client be happy, regardless of how that was done. Of course, it is still the most important thing that our clients are happy, but today we understand that education is a huge part of what we do, and allowing people to unknowingly enter dangerous territory is simply disregarding a part of our job.

The more we work with any product, any vendor, and any service installer, the more we see how this reflects upon us. So, while we are still a young company (6 years) and will always be discovering new vendors, new products and new craftspeople, we are beginning to research the products we have been working with more, we are looking at the values of the vendors we partner with, and the level of quality and craftsmanship put into installations. 

Initially, this is frightening. It feels limiting to start with one or two furniture manufacturers. However, knowing that these manufacturers are local, that they produce quality, sustainable products with excellent service and warranties is a good feeling, and it's something I feel that I can stand behind.


Furnishings and Decor

We have selected four trade-only furniture manufacturers and two retailers to work with that will meet a plethora of design needs while providing sustiainable, quality products that we are proud to be associated with.



We have selected one local cabinet shop and a cabinet dealer (cabinets manufactured in Washington State) who work with FSC Certified woods. We prefer to work with local shops because of the excellent service, shop drawings, and on-site measuring they provide. 

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Service & Labor

We have established partnerships with a few local general contractors, and while we are open to your contractors, the relationships we have built instill a confidnets that we can provide the best possible service as a team.


Other Products and Services:

Of course, we are still learning and working to find the best of the best. There are new materials and qualifiers on the market regularly. We work with leather, tile, lighting, flooring, wall paneling, millwork, and much more, and in each one we do our best to work with companies that have ideals that match our own- sustainability, quality, and good service.


When my business launched, I wanted clients to have the freedom and flexibility to choose any product and service provider they wanted. I wanted my business to be what I called "service-centric" rather than "product-centric". Today, I realize that providing access to the best products is a part of the service. 

Selecting Independently:

Our clients are welcome to source their own products and work with their own service providers and we will provide the design services and drawings to allow you to move on independently with those providers. However, we waive any and all design liability at that point, because we are unable to verify the quality of those products and services.