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Honesty & Integrity

One of the most important things to me; personally, as an entrepreneur, and interior designer, is honesty and integrity. I will never say that I don't have my slip ups and imperfections. In fact, the ability to take the blame for a poor decision or slip up is an important part of these qualities. 

In design, honesty and integrity may be found in materiality, acknowledgment of the original design intent, construction/the way things are built, and regionalism.


My favorite example for materiality may be shooting myself in the foot because it IS a popular trend: wood-look tiles. This goes for any material that impersonates another. Now, there's a difference between having a wood grain on a bright red laminate and having a laminate that is directly trying to look like wood. What is the problem with these impersonators? Well, let's look at the wood-look tile. It's beautiful. It's safe for wet environments. It's lying to you. Ouch.

When I walk into a room with wood floors, I expect them to feel a certain way underfoot. I want the warmth of wood, the softness. If I walk into a room with wood floors and feel/hear/sense tile underfoot, I will feel betrayed. I was expecting and wanting something and it did not deliver.

Design Intent

When homeowners purchase a farmhouse and crush on modern design, I think it's perfectly acceptable to have a modern farmhouse. But, we need to acknowledge that it is a farmhouse. We cannot completely disregard this, or it ends up looking like the lipstick on a pig analogy. A merging or melding of styles can be beautiful, but trying to hide the design style will only hurt the space. 


Recognizing our landscape and surroundings is important in all aspects of design, and while it can be okay to play with this…  we need to be careful to do this in a way that complements rather than offends the surroundings.

A great example of this is the Painted Ladies in San Francisco. You can’t miss these homes- they stand out in their bold colors and design style. However, it’s done in a way that complements the landscape, and the existing structures.

An example of this done terribly wrong, there is a home where I used to live, surrounded by a combination of bungalows and ranch style homes, and this home is very tall, terrifyingly close to the road with what appears to be an attempt at southwest/adobe styling. It’s an eyesore because it glares at us, and not in a pleasant way. 

New Client Portals!

Listening and responding to feedback is one way that I am able to provide integrity in my business. If you are an existing client, you will find that we now have a "log in" link on the page. For privacy reasons, I have named your projects. If you're unsure which project is yours, please feel free to inquire. You may contact me for your password if I have not yet sent you information. This new portal will allow me to be completely transparent, keeping all documents (design documents, invoices, proposals, and messages) in one place for easy access directly from my webpage! Thank you so much to those of you who gave me the feedback to create this feature!

Waldron Designs is now a "we"


I often go through my paperwork and correct myself where I've typed "we" instead of "I". As a one-woman show, I want to be honest and open about the fact that it's me, myself, and I that you will be working with directly. I do hire consultants (and fabulous ones at that) to assist on your projects, because I am honest with myself that I simply cannot be an expert in everything. But, I digress....

Waldron Designs is ecstatic to announce the addition of OUR first additional team member! Mary McGinnis, a fellow islander is currently working toward a degree in interior design and will be interning for me two days a week. She has spectacular feedback, construction know-how, and has been a great help for the past few weeks. My favorite thing about Mary is that she's FUN! Design should be fun. Of course we take your project seriously, but if we can't have fun while doing it, well, then we're probably not as passionate about the outcome!

Mary will be focusing her time with me learning about marketing, branding, the design process, and the business of interior design. She may be reached at and I encourage you to drop her a note and say hello! She's fun and funky and doesn't often bite. 

Relay For Life

You may have seen our messages on Facebook or received an email inviting you to join our team this year on Vashon walking in the Relay For Life. While the team is registered as "Waldron Designs and Friends", this is not a business move. In fact, I experienced quite the inner struggle trying to decide if I should even involve my business in this. I finally decided I had the opportunity to reach more people as a business than I did as an individual. 

This walk is personal for me. I currently have three friends with cancer. All three are receiving treatment, and I watch their struggles. I watch their families struggles. It terrifies me that so many have this disease. I am friends with several survivors as well. There is just too much of this. As an entrepreneur who is also mother to two very young boys, I am unable to up and participate in long walks in Seattle in the early hours. The opportunity to do something right here on Vashon to support my friends, involve my children, and involve my colleagues, clients, and friends, was too good to pass on. We've all been touched by cancer, and that in itself is disturbing. 

This relay is on beautiful Vashon, and if you haven't visited, this is a great opportunity! The walk is 12 hours and the goal is to always have someone from our team on that track. There will be refreshments, games for the kids, a survivor lap, a lap with luminaires to remember the loss of those we love, and a celebration. 

Please join the Waldron Designs and Friends team Saturday, August 6th from 11am-11pm (no, you don't have to walk the whole time, though I wouldn't stop you)! We would be honored to have you join us. If you cannot join, consider making a donation- every $1 helps!

Quick Note

I will be out of town the week of the 4th. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to email me or Mary and we will get back to you when we return to the office!