Going Dark: The Haunted House Look

As a teen, I was considered "goth". Remember Lydia from Beetlejuice? I adored her and aspired to be very much like her. It is so easy to look at someone who dresses in all black and loves horror and say that they are morbid, negative, or unpleasant. However, my love for the dark and creepy is more about the love for the light that is about to spring loose. My favorite movies were the 80's fantasy movies: Legend, The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, The Goonies, and Beetlejuice. They are all very dark, but they share something magical. They are filled with hope. I could talk about these movies and the hope that the dark and creepy held for me forever, but not just yet.

Right now, I want to look at haunted houses, abandoned houses, the embodiment of this hope hidden in dust and fear in a home. When I was young, I would sneak into abandoned homes and look around me. The only light was natural sunlight, and the dust seemed to dance in it. Every mark on the wall and piece of garbage left behind was an untold story. These homes were once filled with life and energy, and now they were little museums for me.

hope in a grain of sand

Every year, come fall, I think of those houses and the haunted feeling they had. I think of the movies I love (and watch them!). But, never until recently did I think of how these could be a part of our homes. Sure, some people don't dig the creep factor. But, for those of us who do.. well, there's a world of beauty in Rococo, Boroque, Gothic, and Modern design styles that can meld together to create your own haunted house. A haunted house full of hope and hidden secrets.

So this year, when you look at all the spooks and watch all your Halloween horrors, remember- it's not about the fear. It's the Light.

The following items are available to the design trade. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these pieces, contact Rachel