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Bringing Autumn to the Coast

We live in a coastal area, and those of you here on Vashon Island with me will agree that this is a place where we live for the summer. When summer starts to fade, how can we most appreciate our summery homes while embracing the seasonal change?

Let the light in

Window treatments that let light filter in, while keeping out the chilly draft will not only serve a functional purpose, but will fill the home with that summer light we crave.

Think soft and cozy

No, we can't go plop in the grass much longer, but we can curl up in a pile of pillows, or sit in the window and soak in the remaining rays of sunlight. Using soft fabrics in our upholstery and decor that encourages cozy reading spots and lingering in the sun will give us the vitamin D we so deserve.

Bring in the beach

This one is close to home, seeing as the island has several beaches that we explore and enjoy so much in the summer time. Bring in the colors and elements from the beach to embrace our coastal location while enjoying nature's effect throughout the year. 

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Stick with your coastal look, but warm it up with fall foliage and bouquets. 

Take a tip from your wardrobe

Layers! I love all the cozy layers in the fall. Cardigans over shirts with a scarf and a jacket. But, why stop with your fall wardrobe? Layer rugs. Bring out extra pillows. Drape throws over blankets.