Big Things in the World of Design

Waldron Designs is so excited and honored to have been featured in Pacific Northwest Homes- a beautifiul coffee table book featuring the best deigners of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho! These books are available at The Country Store in Vashon (signed copies), for purchase on Amazon, or directly through Waldron Designs! 

We will be at the Vashon Home Fair on March 10th and will have several of the books available for purchase at the show, but more importantly, we will be there to talk about your future projects or direct you to preferred professionals in the industry. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Something happened last week that set the interior design industry on fire, and I have been heavily involved in the activity which may explain my clarification of what we do and our mission in doing it. I think that this is an important bit of news for anyone who uses industry-specific cloud software and for anyone who works with a designer to be aware of. Tech is a great thing and we should not fear its introduction into the industry- but we do need to be aware of everything we participate in. 

I have been fortunate enough to receive several awards from Houzz, but you will find that I have removed all my photos from Houzz. The reason for this is on my profile and reads as follows: 

We have removed our photos from our page in an effort to respect our clients, our photographers, and the countless hours of hard work that we put into our designs. Due to recent changes in the Houzz platform, where the company may tag our photos with "similar" product, we are unable to verify the quality of these items.

A design is a composition created of pieces that make up a whole. Each piece is carefully curated as a piece of that composition. When one item in the whole changes, it affects the entire canvas. Designers work with you to provide an experience and a final piece, which is so much more than just a well-picked product.

I am sharing a video and podcast below, that shows a bit of what I've been up to!