Big Picture Design

I took this picture at the Open House to show my husband the amount of pain it gave me simply to be inside this gorgeous space!

I took this picture at the Open House to show my husband the amount of pain it gave me simply to be inside this gorgeous space!

Whew! October has been an eventful month already. We're seeing the busiest time we've seen in the fall, it's matching our spring, which says quite a lot in this line of work. In my personal life, I got sidetracked by the most beautiful thing I'd seen in years. A house kitty-corner from us hit the market and wow, it was a beauty. I stopped in to convince myself that I didn't needed but left with tears in my eyes because the want was so bad and we were far from prepared to go that route.

October is also the month of my oldest son and my husband's birthdays! So, we have birthday excitement, parties to plan and of course... my favorite holiday! Halloween!

Needless to say, we've been busy, despite NOT buying an amazing house so painful it brought me to tears. 

I also joined the island's Garden Club, and it's been so fun and informative! It has me completely inspired to design my garden space. Fortunately, as a designer, I realize that beautiful spaces, inside and out, don't just happen. They take planning, research, time and energy. Which is actually what I want to talk to you about today. 

We all have our projects in our homes, and maybe we have two or three or maybe the whole house is a project, but regardless of how many or how big these projects are, it is important to always keep the big picture in mind. Do not lose sight of the grand idea when working on smaller tasks. 

A perfect example. My husband says "I'd love to rip out this wall between these two spaces", and my response is, "if we rip out that wall, we have to rip out the moldings, which causes damage to our wood wall, and affects the built-in, which also affects the closet, etc. etc." To be fair, my response usually results in us doing nothing because every task amounts to so much. But, laying out a plan of attack... as in developing a concept for the WHOLE space, then dividing the whole into segments allows us to view the whole project in achievable goals.

But, how do we do this when everything affects everything else? Honestly, it's tough, and yes- it costs more in the long run to do little projects one at a time, and I'll be honest that yes, you'll have to live in a construction zone as you move through it. But, having completed projects happen one at a time rather than having half completed projects all over the home is much more desirable.... trust me!

So, like my garden, which now has a very loose concept, my house needs to have the same (because I really need to work on practicing what I preach!). Your house should have the same too! Not sure if you're up for it? No problem, talk to us about our Evolving Space service where we develop a loose concept, break the whole picture down into projects, then develop budget goals, timelines, and work with you over time to achieve your goals by sending out email reminders as the time comes up to get started on a new project!