All the Contractors are Booked At Least a Year Out!

Woohoo, you're ready to do that home project that has been needing doing for a long time! The money is there after a good amount of time saving up, and a good idea is established of what is needed. Time to get things moving and call a contractor. First choice contractor is booked out a year and half. Hmmm... well, there's always option two, right? Nope. She's booked out a year. Okay, well the neighbor knew someone... maybe give them a call. Yeah, they are booked out 15 months. 

It looks like the best bet is to get on the waiting list of the top choice contractor and wait it out. Honestly, anyone who is available RIGHT NOW... well, it may be worth questioning why.

That year zooms by, and the number one contractor even responds two months early, saying they have an opening. Yay!!! Day one: they come onto the site and ask for the plans so they can put together a team and schedule. 

... blank stare... The plans??? After composing yourself slightly, you simply describe the work in complete detail. It's not a tough project- just a little update. No plans needed, right? Wrong.

Let's cover a few "simple" projects and determine what may be needed that is not being considered.

Bathroom Vanity Replacement:

  • Are the cabinet doors standard overlay, full overlay or inset?

  • What is the edge detail on the counter?

  • Where should the holes be drilled for the sinks?

  • What handles are needed?

  • Any special inserts?

A project like this can take a designer as little as 10 hours to review and do some simple drawings, saving you over 10 hours of the contractor's time in asking these questions and holding on your project while trying to resolve them. Add to that all the subs that will need to be rearranged, the waiting time for products to be ordered, and well- most contractors won't bother to ask. They'll just do the standard and least expensive option (sometimes the lowest quality option), resulting in a project that was not at all what was expected.

Kitchen Counter Replacement

  • Measured cabinets for bid.

  • Product selection that is relevant to your daily use.

  • Edge detail.

  • What happens at the backsplash? How high is the backsplash if it is replaced?

This can be as simple as a one-time consultation with a designer!

Simple Addition

This one just hurts to my soul, because there is nothing simple about an addition. The roofline is affected. There is a completely new facade to be considered. The landscape is impacted. The flow of the home is impacted. A full set of permit drawings are needed for this type of project.

The contractors are booked out a year, and we only need 2-3 weeks for design right? Well, if we're talking about a full design project (kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, full home renovation), I recommend starting with a minimum of 6 weeks to design.

Ready to get moving on that project? Don't wait for contractor availability, start with the designer and get the ball rolling so all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed before the contractor shows up!