A Week of Design

I was looking through the work I did this week, feeling accomplished, and thought to myself that sharing a week of my work might be a fun blog post! When the general public gets a peek at what interior design looks like behind the scenes, it is typically on HGTV, and it’s… well.. made for media.

Monday, March 18th

  • Visit “Upper Burton” home to verify measurements and review drawings. Here is a sneak peek at my meeting notes:

  • Run to the office to pull some finishes for “Bayview Drive” review and final selection.

  • Play catch up on emails, coordinating with cabinet shops and general contractors for “Vashon Kitchen Addition” to get it ready for construction, and coordinating cabinet drawings with another general contractor for a fourth project.

  • Head out for the second meeting of the day to review the finishes I pulled earlier for “Bayview Drive”.

Tuesday, March 19th

  • Computer drafting- ceiling plans and power plans for “Upper Burton” project.

    • I reviewed the power requirements for each appliance, noted this and updated the plans to reflect this. I ran into a few complications with the ceiling plan and did a few sketches to explain potential solutions. I also put together some imagery to show my client what her envisioned bookshelves might look like surrounding her fireplace:

  • Type up meeting notes from the “Bayview Drive” meeting, assembling all the needed information and sending it to the appropriate parties- a LOT of coordination in this business!

    • Whenever I type up meeting notes, I finish with actions needed for each party. Then, I enter my own tasks into my project management software so that nothing is forgotten.

Wednesday, March 20th

  • Computer drafting for “Upper Burton” project- making corrections based on Monday’s first meeting’s notes

  • Order samples for counters that were missing from my sample set for “Bayview Drive”.

  • Homeowner and contractor budget review meeting at “Vashon Home Expansion”- work with them to prioritize and cut items to bring project to budget.

  • Update drawings for “Lavender Hill Store” that is near completion.

Thursday, March 21st

  • Correspond with product representatives to find the perfect product for “Upper Burton” home.

  • Email catch up and revisions to product selections for “Lavender Hill Store”.

  • Meeting notes from “Vashon Home Expansion” were typed up with tasks assigned and coordinated.

Most of this day was spent researching product and coordinating. Busy, busy!

Friday, March 22nd


I had an unusual day this day because Sean (my husband and architect) worked from the office with me. The poor guy got to listen to me make a LOT of phone calls. Last week, I hired my younger sister, Hannah (who you may have met if you are working with me or moving into a new project with me) and we spent a good amount of Friday morning discussing projects and task needs.

After this coordination, most of the day was spent updating project selections for the “Lavender HIll Store”

And that, my friends, is a typical March workweek at Waldron Designs!