Intake Questionnaire

I am absolutely thrilled to start this journey of working together! In order to save time in our meetings, and therefore saving you money, I have created this preliminary survey. It will take as much as 30 minutes of your time to complete, and some questions will not apply to you. Be as thorough as possible to ensure a productive consultation. Please answer the following questions at your earliest convenience. If you prefer to discuss these items in person, let me know and my design assistant will be in touch to schedule a phone or in-person interview about your space instead at the assistant hourly rate. Thank you!
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What is the project address? *
What is the project address?
Mailing Address, if different
Mailing Address, if different
We like to send cards, samples, and more from time to time- let's make sure it gets to you!
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Project Type
What is the size of the space?
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Will there be construction involved (Room addition, remove or relocate walls, etc)?
Have you selected a General Contractor?
Waldron Designs does not hire trades. If multiple trades are involved, we recommend working with a GC.
Will this be a rush order design *
Note that most design projects involving furnishings take a minimum of 12 weeks from start to finish for design phase, purchasing, and install. Average for construction projects is anywhere from 3 months to 2 years.
What is your budget range for this project?
Waldron Designs requires a budget before providing any billable services. If you are unsure, we are happy to help establish this before we begin.
Do you entertain a lot?
What, if any, design magazines or websites do you look to for inspiration? (Check all that apply)
What, if any, color scheme do you have in mind?
What mood or feel would you like the finished project to have?
Please copy a link to the board(s) here. Please do not share boards through Pinterest. Note that we love to see your inspiration early on. However, it becomes disruptive and lengthens the design process once we have established a concept.
How soon do you plan to start the project? *
Are you interviewing other designers?
Do you want the designer to shop at Granite Yards, Appliance stores, Furniture stores, etc. with you?