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Looking for something a bit more budget friendly? A quick and easy design concept that you can manage on your own? This is the service for you! 

Snap was created to design your space in a snap! This service has multiple options that take place entirely online.*

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Snap! Designed. (NEW!!)

Not everyone can afford to hire a turnkey designer. I promised myself early in my career, that while I wanted to eventually work high-end projects, I never wanted to turn down people simply because their pocket book doesn't stretch that far. There is a service for everyone, and if it doesn't exist- I'll work to create it!

Snap! is a quick and painless design service that allows you to send in an image of your space for me to spend 30-minutes of my time on to generate a quick sketch with ideas for improvement that will meet your goals. We will also create an account for you in our shop for furnishing projects and add items to your shopping cart, all ready to check out.

Example sketch below!

One Sketch, No Follow up:

Beginning with a simple 30-minute response to an email inquiry- complete our design questionnaire, and send us a photo of your space. We will complete a sketch with recommendations for your new design. Of course, this will not be a complete design, but it is a great starting point for you to move on from independently!

One Sketch with Follow up:

Looking for a little follow up? Add the service with follow up to include the ability to follow up with us with 5 questions about your design.**

Design My Room (Four Sketches with Plan):

Or, maybe you really need advice for the whole room, not just one wall or one image? With this option, you will be asked to submit photos of each wall, and measurements of your space (we will provide instructions for measuring). You will receive a sketch of each wall and a floor plan sketch in response.