Project Status Update

Hi Linda and Rick!

I wanted to keep you up to date on the project status and let you know where I am in regards to your updated budget and final documentation. 

Final Contract Documents have been provided to Chris, including product specifications, so that he may update his estimate. I have also given him a budget spreadsheet to fill in his numbers, very clear as to what he is providing vs. what you or I will purchase. I want to make sure he is not including plumbing fixtures when you will be purchasing these from Ferguson, for example.

Once I have his numbers, I can fill in mine and remaining numbers from installers. I have a great counter top fabricator and installer, and cabinet shop for you that are available on your time line with an excellent price point. I have reached out to the Seattle Design Center and Daly's for recommended wall covering installers, so that number may take a bit longer to get a hold of, but I will put an estimate in the spreadsheet. I have also made an estimate on the window treatments, and loose estimated numbers on the furnishings based on what we've been looking at.

I am including the more expensive tile in the budget (I'd rather come down in cost than go up!) and have ordered samples of similar items.

I have several items that I may provide, but as I mentioned, you are welcome to purchase them yourselves. I am having Chris leave those items out of his estimate, and will provide a proposal of all items for approval.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Rachel Waldron, Interior Designer/Owner
new construction | remodel | furnishings, finishes, and fixtures

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