Project budget estimate

Hi Linda and Rick,

I apologize for the delay on the budget. I do not customarily do comprehensive budgets, usually the contractor provides his/her estimate and I mine. So, this was a new process for me, and a learning experience! The comprehensive budget may be found here. I want to share a few items that I noticed as I entered in the numbers:

  1. I sent this spreadsheet to Chris, but have not heard back, so we may get updated information from him. The numbers included here are based off his preliminary rough estimate.
  2. Tile- I have provided retail cost for you, based on the more expensive tile that you liked so much in the shower. Not included would be any sealing needed for this stone. I am not sure what Chris included in his labor. I have an account with CFM and you are welcome to purchase the tile yourselves directly on my account, which should provide you with, I believe a 10% discount (I will verify).
  3. Shower doors- I noted this in the document as well. Chris quoted $10,000 for materials. I'm sure there is more that I'm missing, but I recently did a project with similar glass doors (hinged, not sliding) and that one was about $3,000. Perhaps he was including more in that number than just the glass, however. I am happy to provide a referral to the company who did the glass for that shower.
  4. Counters- The number provided is from my fabricator. If this number looks good to you, I will put them in contact with you.
  5. Cabinets- Again, this number is from my cabinet shop. It is very slightly higher than Chris's initial estimate, but includes installation and all the features we discussed, as well as the display cabinets with interior lighting. This also includes the recessed jewelry cabinet in the toilet room.
  6. I included all the windows/skylights that Chris had in the original bid. I've attached this as an excel spreadsheet so that you may manipulate the numbers. It is a non-binding estimate, so it is perfectly fine if you want to make adjustments by removing items that should not be included.
  7. Drain- I had a generic number on Chris's estimate. I put that down as the labor and added the retail cost of the linear drain. It is fully possible that Chris had included materials in that number, which is why I was hesitant to send anything to you without his revised numbers. I am not sure what exactly he's including in the "materials". 
  8. Not included are the heat pump, instant demand water heater, or any other of these new additions. We will need Chris to provide these numbers.
  9. Furnishings are an estimate based on pieces we have been looking at. I included custom bedding in case you would like to go that route, and removed the dresser per your message this morning. 
  10. Freight and installation are tricky numbers that I often do not even get until after shipment is made. However, once we have the exact items, I can get a pretty close estimate. 
  11. Window treatments are a best-guess based on previous projects.

I did review the drawings, and I did make one change to the vanity and I apologize for not mentioning this sooner. Due to the tall linen cabinets being on either side, we had to get creative to allow the medicine cabinets to be centered on the sinks and have a light fixture between the mirrors and on the outsides. I can certainly make any one of the three banks into doors with a single shelf. I chose to do the three drawer banks to provide optimal storage seeing as I was taking some away by adjusting the layout. It should be very little change to make those outer banks back into doors with a fixed shelf.

Replacing the closet doors- this was on my to-do list to discuss with you as well. I noted it as a possibility when I noticed the existing mirror was chipped. We can leave those doors as-is, but wanted to run it by you. 

The short shower wall with towel bar may be seen in Elevation 3 (page E-3). 

Let's review the toiletry niche at our next meeting! I want to make sure I understand.

I see no reason that demolition cannot begin. We have a few very minor changes to make to the drawings before he begins construction, but demolition should take more time than it will for us to meet and for me to make those changes. 

As I mentioned in my earlier email, your happiness is my priority! Please let me know if you are disappointed in the services that I have provided thus far. 

Thank you,


Rachel Waldron, Interior Designer/Owner
new construction | remodel | furnishings, finishes, and fixtures

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