Our Design Process

Initial Consultation

This initial consultation is offered as a flat-fee service, determined based on the number of spaces involved. During this initial consultation, we walk through the space, discuss design challenges and ideas for improvement. We will follow up this meeting with a contractor- this meeting is most productive if the homeowners are not present, allowing us to speak and brainstorm freely. One to three schematics are presented establishing the minimal amount of work that may be done to achieve goals, the mid-range level of work, and the highest level. Each variation will have everything needed to request preliminary bids from contractors.

For some, this pre-programming phase provides everything to move forward independently, where others may find it as a starting point to lead into the following phases. In this instance, a formal agreement is established, and work proceeds from here.


Programming Phase

During our initial meetings with owner and contractor, we gather information regarding the project, discuss conceptual ideas, determine a scope of work, define the aesthetic and functional requirements, and discuss the budget. 


Conceptual Design Development

From these initial meetings, we begin to define the style and build a concept that is tailored specifically to the homeowner; drawing our inspiration from lifestyle, use, and the authentic nature of the project. We pull ideas for finishes, but the focus during this phase is capturing the "essence" of the home, the way it makes its occupants feel.


Drawing, Drafting, and Construction Documentation

During this phase of the process we define and design all of the architectural elements of the project: doors and windows, millwork, cabinetry, fireplaces, staircases, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, appliances, roof line, and hardware. We begin to build our specification binders for owner and contractor and complete CAD drawings for bidding and execution of details.


Finish Materials and Fixture Selection

The most prominent influences on the selection of finish materials are architectural style, cohesive character, function, aesthetics, and budget. During this phase we specify materials for flooring, walls, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry, railings and fireplace surrounds. We also consult on the selection of exterior materials such as roofing, wall cladding, paving stone, railing, millwork materials, and pool tiles. 


Site Visits

Throughout the construction of a project, we attend weekly job site meetings with the builder, job site supervisor, and trade contractors to review design decisions, material installations, and construction schedules. 


Furniture Planning

Through a series of meetings and detailed presentations the color scheme is created, furniture layouts are finalized, finishes are specified, and budgets are reviewed. At this point we select wall coverings, drapery and window shades, decorative lighting, furniture, fabrics, rugs, art, and accessories.


Ordering and Expediting

We begin the process by creating purchase orders for all of our vendors and reviewing all of our selections for correct scale, balance, and proportion. We double check order information, confirm prices and lead-times, re-select back ordered or discontinued items, arrange crating, shipping and delivery, and start expediting.



After completion of construction and a detailed cleaning, we begin the installation phase of the project. This phase takes approximately two weeks to complete and includes installing carpet, hanging drapery, laying rugs, placing and detailing furniture, making beds, hanging art, stocking cabinets and closets, and placing accessories. 


Post Installation

Soon after installation, we walk through the home to discuss any issues that may have come up and resolve design issues as well as any issues with furnishings. We develop a punch list for your contractor to manage corrections on their end as well. A closure meeting is held, and our passion becomes your paradise.