Preliminary Concept (offer to be discontinued after your project)

Due to frequent overage on flat-fee services, this offering is being discontinued. We have also come to the conclusion that while this may help homeowners gain a glimpse of what we offer, it is more cost efficient to jump right in to the design process with the knowledge that the services may be discontinued at any time if the client is unhappy or feels the need to move on independently. 

However, we offered the service to a few prospective clients, and do not like to go back on our offers, so we have created this page for your reflection on the service.

This initial consultation is offered as a flat-fee service. During this initial consultation, we walk through the space, discuss design challenges and ideas for improvement. This initial consultation is 90 minutes in your home, 60 minutes with you. If applicable, we then we ask a contractor to join us for the last 30 minutes- this last 30 minutes is most productive if the homeowners are not present, allowing us to speak and brainstorm freely. Deliverables include:

  • Three schematic floor plans (tight budget, mid-range, and high end)
  • Three 3D sketches illustrating materiality and conceptual idea
  • An existing plan layout using very loose preliminary dimensions (dimensions will not be displayed unless for reference)
  • A scope of work document that you may present to contractors for preliminary estimates

For some, this initial conceptual phase provides everything to move forward independently, where others may find it as a starting point to lead into the following phases. In this instance, a formal agreement is established, and work proceeds from here.

Note that we may provide this service with a single concept if you are clear on the direction you are heading with your space.