Utilizing Awkward Spaces

I love awkward spaces! They give me a challenge, and almost always end up being the most beautiful and creative spaces. Give me a long, skinny living room and I'll create two intimate seating areas. Give me low, sloped ceilings and I'll give you built-in storage! Here is a look at some wonderful solutions to some very awkward spaces.

Narrow counter space?

Narrow cabinets with a bump out give the opportunity to do something fun with that bump out!

Tall ceilings in a small room?

These tall bookshelves with a ladder made this awkward space into a cozy reading room.

Small, Awkward Niche?

What a great space for a desk!

Low, Sloped Ceilings? 

You know those spaces where the ceilings are so low, you can't stand? These are great places for built-in storage, hidden reading spots, and open shelving!

Rachel WaldronComment