The Design Process


Sometimes the idea of working with an interior designer is intimidating. Those of you who read my article To-may-to, To-mah-to, may wonder how to know if the designer they are contacting is the right designer for them. The only way to truly know, is to ask! Most designers will have a network of designers and can make suggestions for someone who is more closely suited to the type of work you are looking to do if they are not the right fit.

Now, what happens? You have a designer... what next? Again, every business operates differently, but I am thrilled to share that I have recently updated my site to include a Design Process page! We develop a thorough timeline with deadlines, so you always know what to expect and when to expect it.

The Design Process is all fun and great.. but Rachel, how does this all WORK? What do you charge? What kind of packages do you offer? What kind of services do you offer? How do you bill? How often do we meet?

We've been working hard to be transparent about the way we work, and in doing so, we also created a Design Services page!

So, there it all is- don't be shy! Click around and take a peek.


Wait! There's one more thing!!!

A successful business should be ever changing, always flexible, always growing and learning. Waldron Designs always seeks to meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, we are testing out a new service, and we want you to WIN A FREEBIE

The service is meant to be a quick solution for homeowners who have a challenge space but aren't looking for a full design service. I will give you a place to upload photos, then I will do a quick 30-minute sketch on trace paper laid over the photo and send that idea back to you! Quick, easy, and painless.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to win now! Winners will be selected January 31st.

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